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5 Tips to Help Your Relationship with your Dog

Re-homing a dog soon or want to build a dog relationship with your new dog? There’s already thousands of tips out there. From making your dog wait for food, to prep lists. Dog training services in Marlton, NJ covers it all. Some suggest to let your dog get comfortable (see 5 most effective dog behavior tips for a second opinion).  Why have I given you these five? Because they have not yet been mentioned or need updating. Read on, friends.


Don’t allow your dog full access to your home. At least not right away. If you do, your dog could become entitled (depending on your relationship).  The other outcome could be your dog feels unprovided for and disconnected. In this case he’ll become insecure, which can make him chew, Mark, or become reactive which can effect on dog relationship with your family and you. Whether it be initial training, a new dog, or setting boundaries, close the bedroom  And bathroom doors. If you have a dog with behavioral issues and you don’t want to risk grabbing him by the collar, use a leash or long line to reel him in. Create sensitivity to your dog using nearness.


Consistency and routine are combined here because  they’re closely related. Dogs do best When able to make clear distinctions. If you’re  new in considering this principle, think of it as creating a new habit. It takes discipline, but then becomes easier. A dog should be held accountable every time it’s necessary.  If your dog breaks and obedience position, do you command him back into it? If your dog gets on the couch, are you removing him every time? Your dog’s schedule should be predictable. Do you practice obedience and dog relationship training some days but others you’re too busy for him? Entitled and psychologically abandoned are two opposite directions your dog could be in. Is he balanced? He should already assume his needs will be met in advance. For whatever reason I think of a dog who once came on command But then came slower, delayed, then finally walked the other way when called. Dogs are horrible Liars. They’ll let you know what they need.


Yes, change your dog’s name, if you want! Already love your dog’s name? That’s okay, and I’m sure you picked a good one (unless it’s Brussel Sprout). But if you recently rescued a dog or simply decide to do a name change, it could help your dog. Imagine with me, a dog that previously lived at an abusive home. The owner, frustrated, would often pair the dog’s name with “no!” and even punch him. His pets experience would extinguish somewhat when he left the abusive environment but the memory would still be there.  Think of it like one of those military movies when the soldier is given a new name and a new purpose. Believe it or not, human psychology plays a role in altering a dog’s name. Our dog training services in Salem County have preference of how we’d like to perceive things. If you have a dog named Norman and he looks like a Zeus, I truly believe your relationship will improve if you Switch him name. Now, don’t change your dog’s name every 6 months because that would just be weird.


People unknowingly put social in spatial pressure on dogs everyday. With dogs, think of pressure  and stress signals together. Being in a building already changes a dog’s mind sent. Consider ignoring a dog while sharing a narrow pathway, if you have to. I had a dominant dog that wrinkled his forehead when I passed him in tight spaces. Over time he showed his teeth. If you watch a dog on a walk, for example, you can see his posture change as the Handler looks back at him. Leaders use the least amount of force necessary. So unnecessary attention can cause confusion to a dog. If you approach a dog, consider walking at a curve, as if the ground had a template of a banana. Don’t worry, it won’t mean you’re submissive but that you eliminate conflict. Some dogs tolerate a lot of pressure but unless you’re defending yourself, stressing a dog out is never a good idea.


We ascribe human tendencies to dogs because they inherited the juvenile state of the wolf. We should be careful though, how we treat our furry friends because of it. In addition, Dogs have the ability to make simultaneous inferences: to reach a conclusion based on evidence and reasoning. So, dogs are always ruling out factors to learn what humans mean. The problem? When we assume our dog fully understands everything of our interest. It’s easy to become frustrated with our dog because we think he knows better and is being rebellious. But a dog’s nature is different than ours. For example, when your dog approaches you and puts his head on your lap, to you it’s love but to him it’s initiating interaction. It takes self-discipline to restrain ourselves from over touching our dogs. We allow our endorphins and emotions to affect our dogs to the point of overdose. Dogs are instinctual and don’t control how they feel. You’d do well assuming your dog never does anything wrong.

These are more general ideas than a tailored dog training plan but they should still inspire you to be the kind of Master your dog needs you to be. Learn them all with dog training services in Salem County, Camden county. There’s no need for ego in dog relationship training nor ownership. I’m speaking of pressure and humanizing here (anthropomorphism, stop hugging your dog) OK, go change the world with good human and dog relationship…


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