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1st session 3 hrs $375  (for dog obedience, aggression, or personal protection)


We are dog trainers that come to your house. Is private in home dog training worth it? Yes, it is the most effective option for dog training. Here’s what we cover during the first visit.

Dog Pack Behavior – I will show you how to be a pack leader to your dog. If you make him want to please, everything becomes easier

Body Language – basic body language will help you with your dogs obedience. If needed, a more in depth plan covering aggressive dog body language is customized for dog aggression.

Leash Handling – In addition to walking, the lead is used for training. The leash is the most important phase of training. It eventually teaches the dog what the electric collar means (just as the food teaches the dog what the leash means).

Formal Training – We begin with positive reinforcement (food reward). Possibly advance to a training collar and leash. Usually not E-Collar the first session.

Genetic Behavior Assessment – Although history is king when it comes to dogs, you will also learn about your dogs temperament as we work with him. If your dog is not aggressive, you will learn a basic list of genetic traits for dog obedience purposes.

Dog Training Plan – There are many different “dog training methods” and “packages” these days. But long term performance is in the planning. Specific and general concepts are discussed in this first foundation session.

Command Structure – The audible template of your dog training program (How to say your dog’s name, command etc).

Travel time and gas included

next 1,2, or 3 sessions 90 min $180


During this next session you continue your dogs obedience from the 1st session. And I help you incorporate the rest of your dogs training plan.

By now, most clients and their dogs have made it to phase 2, even 3. This is where I hone in on your:

Command Structure – Paying attention when to see the dogs name, when to repeat the command, what not to repeat (avoiding a poisoned command), when to reinforce, when to release, etc!

Leash Technique – Pressure, pumps, anchor hand, free hand, how to occupy the entire leash in an instant, ability to control the dog

Control Reflexes – You will learn how much leash to give your dog and to avoid yanking or accidental signals.

Dog Obedience Communication – Training based on what he’s saying.

Your Body Language – Making your dog dependent on your verbal cue. Train him according to who you naturally are. He will listen when he’s not looking at you – Higher performance.

Canine Leadership – I will gently encourage you to increase your progress. With pack structure in place, you avoid formal obedience becoming a frustration to your dog.

Dog’s New Habits – your dog will avoid disobeying by offering new behaviors.



following sessions 1 hour $125


Your dog training techniques change as you and your dog advance. You cannot rush multiple techniques or phases because your dog will learn at his pace.

Ideally our sessions are weekly until your dogs program is complete. But we do not impose  contracts. So if you are happy with your dog, that’s all that matters.





Advanced Control

Aggression Management

Personal Protection

Exclusive Dog Training

Aggression Management


Need A Dog Trainer For Aggressive Behavior?


We are dog aggression specialists.

Our dog behavior modification procedures are technical and practical. And the dog aggression treatment you get from us will make sense.

Below, figure out what kind of aggression your dog might have. And if you need an aggressive dog trainer, call us!


Dog dominance

Showing aggression toward family members

Dog growling, snapping at me in the air

Dog mounting

Dog aggression when sleeping 

My dog bit me when I tried to move him

Dog sleeping in bed dominance 

Dog nose-nudging dominance 

Dog eye contact dominance 

Dog bites without warning 

Why does my dog protect me from my husband


Dog resource guarding

growling over food bones toys

Why is my dog suddenly resource guarding 

Dog food aggression 

Dog possessive of toys


Dog Fear Aggression 

barks at or tries to bite other dogs or humans

Dog on dog aggressive outside of the home or inside

Dog growling at strangers or other dogs

How to stop dog aggression towards other dogs 

How to socialize an aggressive dog


Territorial Dog Aggression

Goes for people at the front door

Nipping at visitors


Dog Barrier Aggression 

Gets ramped up when restricted

Dog from biting when excited 

Dog leash aggression 

Dog barrier aggression


Dog Human Aggression

Wants to bite humans


Reactive Dog Training 

dog bark at strangers on the walk, dogs or humans

Aggressive dog barking

Reactive behavior

Redirected aggression in dogs 

How to stop dog from lunging at strangers


Dog on Dog Aggression

How to stop dogs from fighting in the same household 

Puppy attacking older dog 


Protective Aggression

My dog is overprotective of me 

Overly protective dogs 


Exclusive Dog Training

Advance Control

Dog Obedience Training


EDT offers the most technical dog training in South Jersey. Below are some of the areas we train.

Dog Pulling on Leash

How to leash train a dog

Heel for pulling on leash


Dog Jumping on People 

Puppy jumping

Teaching a dog to sit

Dog manners


Dog Not Coming When Called

Dog recall training

dog darting out the front door

Train a puppy to come

how to use the right recall words for dogs


Leave It

Train your dog to disengage. “Leave-it” is a versatile, accessory command. It gives dogs freedom.

Stop your counter surfing dog

prevent dog from getting in the trash or cat litter


Place Dog Command

“Place” is more than a send command. It’s a replacement behavior.


Teach Your Dog to “Drop-It”

Have your dog spit something out to save his life.


Teach Your Dog to Lay Down



Indoor Dog Potty Training


Did you know?
Exclusive Dog Training

Personal Protection

PERSONAL protection dog TRAINING

Want your dog to protect you or your house? You came to the right place!


PPD Dogs

How to train a protective dog

How to train a guard dog

Build drive and focus with your dogs high prey drive



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