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1st session 3 hrs $375

Canine Leadership

Body Language

Leash Handling (used for dog training)

Formal Training – positive reinforcement. Possibly advance to training collar

Genetic Behavior Assessment

Training Plan (specific and general concepts).

Command Structure (Audible part of dog training).

Travel time and gas included

Dog Obedience, Aggression, Personal Protection, Board and Training begin here.

next 1,2, or 3 sessions 90 min $180

During this next session you continue your dogs obedience from the 1st session. And I help you incorporate the rest of your dogs training plan.

By now, most clients and their dogs have made it to phase 2, even 3. This is where I hone in your:

command structure-paying attention when to see the dogs name, when to repeat the command, what not to repeat (avoiding a poisoned command), when to reinforce, when to release, etc!

leash technique – pressure, pumps, anchor hand, free hand, how to occupy the entire leash in an instant, ability to control the dog

control reflexes

train your dog based on what he’s saying.
your body language – making your dog dependent on your verbal cue. Train him according to who you naturally are. He will listen when he’s not looking at you. Higher performance.

Canine leadership – I will gently encourage you to increase your progress. If this is not in place, your formal obedience will become a frustration to your dog.
dogs new habits – your dog will avoid disobeying in the first place by offering new behaviors.



following sessions 1 hour $125

Your dog training techniques change as you and your dog advance. You cannot rush multiple techniques or phases because your dog will learn at his pace.

Ideally our sessions are weekly until your dogs program is complete. But we do not impose  contracts. So if you are happy with your dog, that’s all that matters.

Advanced Control

Aggression Management

Personal Protection

Exclusive Dog Training

Aggression Management


EDT’s approach to dog training is a truly a unique one. The techniques reach far beyond any other dog training system.

The system cannot be memorized but is rather a large classification structure. Within the chronological tiers of information, there is an order of what comes before something else.

For example, Genetics, or temperament traits would be understood before a training plan is created for each dog.

Another example, is when dealing with a potentially dangerous dog; a proper diagnosis is vital.

This may include the owner completely understanding how his dog views him, and how the dog should view the owner before authority is asserted over the dog.

This versatile system is able to troubleshoot dog problems that are unable to be explained, even by other trainers. It’s able to map out the best dog aggression training blueprints.

The style is better known as “Foundation Style.”



Positioning the dog with food. He begins with positive reinforcement.


Dog must understand the command without the use of a hand signal. Advanced training requires complete understanding.


The dog must hold the command for a time. It allows tools to be introduced without side effects.


The dog must learn to associate his command to other reinforcing stimuli besides food.


The dog must successfully escape punishment. This is the intro to positive punishment and negative reinforcement. Its very important to know that this stage in training requires the most time. Food still exists at this point. If done correctly it should be fun for the dog and prepare the following level to be a polishing rather than abuse.


The dog must learn to actively avoid punishment altogether. When done correctly, this is the most humane approach to training because a dogs heart rate lowers when he choses to ignore something.


Exclusive Dog Training

Advance Control

  • Sick of the dog pulling on the leash?
  • Does your dog not come when you call him ?
  • Is your dog breaking obedience commands like “sit-stay” and “down-stay?”
  • Do you have a house-breaking issue so bad that you’re embarrassed to mention it?
Did you know?

Exclusive Dog Training

Personal Protection


Your attack dog is a weapon. This weapon has the ability to make his own decisions. Responsible control means leadership and ground work based on knowledge and the ability to combine everything, using the finest k9 protection service.

Advanced obedience is used a lot in personal protection. Besides some other commands listed on this site, get some ideas below about each command and their purpose for this category.


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