What Is Your Training Style? 

I train as positive as possible. I also specialize in the humane use of tools. Every dog is unique, and all tools have their place.


How Many Sessions Will I Need?

This question refers to In-Home Training.

Every case is different. Consider these questions…

What are you struggling with?

Would you work with your dog in between lessons?

How fast does he or she learn?

Is he fearful?

Won’t engage around others?

What are your personal goals for your dog?


How Much Does EDT Cost?

In-Home training begins with a 2 hour customized plan. This first session is $250. After that it’s $125 per lesson for Marlton, NJ and surrounding areas. This covers travel time to and from and a one hour session, respectively.

Board-And-Train programs also begin with the same 2 hour session and fee. After that, pricing is $900 weekly. If you are approved for a program exceeding 5 weeks, pricing can be discussed further.


Board And Train: 5 Week Minimum. Why?

Proper foundation is the biggest part of my training. All dogs begin with positive reinforcement. They must understand each part of my training program before moving on. when I train your dog, there will be no mistake that he’s properly trained. See my videos lessons to learn more.


Do You Only Train Aggressive Dogs?

No. EDT specializes in aggression but trains all types of dogs.


I Have Specific Issues With My Dog. How Can I Be Sure You Can Help Me?

EDT solves behavior problems that require the highest levels of planning. We prevent pulling on the leash or not coming when called. We also map out plans for dogs that attack people or dogs. There are some cases that are very complex. But within reason, we can help.


Can Any Dog Be Trained?      

Another way to ask this is “can any dog be trained to do anything?” Every dog has his limitations. Begin with genetics and go from there. Every dog, for example should be able to heel. Forcing a dog with high prey drive to befriend a new pet rabbit? That’s going against nature.


Does EDT Have A Guarantee?

Any given dog is only as good as the trained handler. As for EDT’s responsibility, we will communicate effectively during In-Home sessions. You will always know where you’r at within a training plan.  As for Board-And-Train, all finished dogs will be able to demonstrate their commands.





I Can’t Afford Exclusive Dog Training. What Should I Do?

EDT offers video lessons. This 3 Phase system  is intended for clients to work on their dogs in-between sessions. However, if you’r willing to put in the work, email EDT with questions. After all, this company was designed for the serious dog owner.

Note: we don’t advise techniques from phase 2 videos on a potentially aggressive dog without assistance of a professional.