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EDT sessions begin with a 3 hour in-home session. During this time we will map out a training plan. This will include shorter overviews around advanced concepts and more detailed introductions around behavior and leadership. We will also begin with obedience during this initial visit. On the subject of obedience – Exclusive Dog Training is for people who want advanced training. This first session is structured around understanding this deeper training model. Leash handling will also be initiated. If this aligns with your training goals inquire about an opening!
I train as positive as possible. I also specialize in the humane use of tools. Every dog is unique, and all tools have their place.
This question refers to In-Home Training. Every case is different. Consider these questions… What are you struggling with? Would you work with your dog in between lessons? How fast does he or she learn? Is he fearful? Won’t engage around others? What are your personal goals for your dog?
In-Home training begins with a 3 hour customized plan. This first session is $375. After that it’s $180 per 90 minute lesson for Marlton, NJ and surrounding areas. This covers travel time and comprehensive training. Board-And-Train programs begin with a 2 hour session ($250). If approved, the minimum board and train is 5 weeks. This comprehensive program is $7900. It includes all equipment and personalized one-on-one student/teacher follow-ups at the students location.

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