Dog Training Service Tips & Tools

Choosing the Right Tool Can Make or Break Your Dog Training Service

What Dog Training tools should you use? Well, if we are talking about aversives, and you’re not a Dog Training Service professional, you shouldn’t use any. But if you’re getting your dog trained, I recommend these 5 items. I may use halti collars for intermediate training and E-collars for Advanced Dog Training, but these listed are a must.

1. Food

You might not think of food as a tool but it’s part of the dog training process. The look how quick I can train your dog mentality is pretty popular these days. And we should be efficient dog trainers but the fundamental work should be positive reinforcement. Sure, I can get a dog to go to place in 5 minutes. Who can’t? But is it really faster if the dogs breaking his commands later on? Learn to train effectively and even positioning of the dog is reliable in the later stages.

Avoid Causing Dog Aggression

Using food to train your dogs helps bypass the potential to trigger aggressive behavior in them. Some trainers will say but it’s already in the dog. Yes, genetics play a factor but it’s not up to us to add that experience to the dog’s memory.

2. Martingale Collar

  • Save Your Dog’s Life – Ever handled or been around a dog with a regular flat color? Just a little too loose in the dog can pull right out of it and end up in the street. Not with a Martingale. It simultaneously tightens around the dog’s neck when he pulls. Everyone who has a dog should think “Safety First”.
  • If you must have s flat buckle get the right kind, especially if you have a bigger dog. Need daily walking Cane Corso Dog Collars of the best quality? You can also get decorated leather dog harnesses and reliable dog leashes.

  • Save Your Life – Okay so it probably won’t literally save your life but at least the quality of it. You’ll be less likely to fall and bust your hip when using a Martingale collar. The little extra control from the color will slow your dog down some.
  • Martingale as in Aid – I also use the Martingale collar as a secondary collar for dog training service. I connect the collars ring to the Ring of a prong collar (the ring that doesn’t spin). for this I use a carabiner or 3 to 4 in line with double connectors. Someday one of those links from the metal prong collar will come loose.

3. Prong Collar/ Star-mark

I listed these collars together because they are very similar. What’s my favorite brand of prong collar? I use Herm Sprenger. Think of this collar as a metal Martingale. It looks kind of scary but if used correctly it’s actually one of the safest collars. Compared to the Starmark the prong helps hard dogs (less sensitive to touch) prioritize.

Can Cause Dog Aggression – When using a prong collar, if a dog becomes aggressive, freaks out, or clearly doesn’t understand it, you’ve used it incorrectly. I don’t begin training dogs with a collar. If you do, you’ll get side effects. Again I do not recommend using a prong collar unless you’re a Dog Training Service professional or getting your dog trained.

Star-mark – Want a prong style collar but more gentle? Starmark is the answer. It’s a plastic version and the links are less intrusive. The Starmark is ideal for soft dogs (sensitive to touch). Honestly, these should be used to train all dogs, when possible.

With dogs like Huskies that are known for pulling there’s a wide variety of dog collars, dog toys, bite tugs and muzzles to assist you. Here’s some comfortable walking and training Siberian Husky harnesses.

4. Long-Line

The long line allows you to work on recall, give exercise, or just more freedom. Also consider these pointers Unlike the Flexi -Leash the entire long line in is visible all the time. If you want to test if the dog will run you only have to catch the end of the long line.

  • Helps with coordination.
  • Safer than the Flexi

The Bad?

  • Gets Tangled Up
  • Timing isn’t as quick as the Flexi-Leash

5. 6 ft Leather Leash

Why not four foot? If your dog training service style is unique like mine, the length of my recommended leash will offer many benefits. Plenty of slack to do a finger lock, give us a little distance for training, and room for your zip (left) hand to practice the leash tension test (to make sure your dog doesn’t break command).

Why leather? I mean, nylon is actually stronger, right? Yeah but the leather leash is actually easier on the hands!

Don’t want to look search the big store lists for a decent collar?

If you want stylish leather boxer collars for daily walks get them here. Also find leather and nylon dog harnesses for everyday use, and genuine quality dog bite tugs and sleeves.


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