Dog Intelligence

Since animals don’t talk, we learn about their genius with puzzles. What they choose to do shows us what they can do cognitively. In order to scale their intelligence, we have to know how and why each species is better at something than another.¬†Learn and implement them all with our exclusive dog intelligence training services.

To narrow this down, we need to compare closely related species. It wouldn’t make sense, for example, to compare an elephant with a hummingbird.

Evolutionary Anthropologist-Brian Hare has two criteria for his definition of dog Genius.

In his own words ” The Genius of dogs, of all animals for that matter, including humans, has two criteria.

  • A mental skill that is strong compared with others, either within your own species or in closely related species.
  • The ability to spontaneously make inferences”.

To make an inference, you use evidence and come to a conclusion by reasoning.

E. G. You could hypothetically give a dog chicken everyday, but one day present beef. You tell him that¬† it’s okay to eat but not the chicken. The dog may naturally infer that he can eat the beef. Dogs eliminate methods that don’t work and make new decisions. Through making inferences, dogs read our body language well and develop diplomatic relationships with us.

Compared with their close relative, the wolf, The dog’s problem solving abilities don’t even compare. But when you look at it in an evolutionary standpoint (end goal of survival), it’s the modern domestic dog that has worked their way into our homes.