About me

EDT is obsessed with getting results from your dog.


To create profound relationships between humans and dogs through education and training. To offer the top pet instructors Marlton New Jersey has to offer.


What do we believe about dogs?
They’re emotional, with similar social qualities as humans. They’re logical, they don’t lie, always in the present. They’re instinctual, impulsive, yet have the ability to make good decisions. They’re Selfish, yet loyal.

Scientific Philosophy

Operant conditioning diagram


Operant conditioning is a vast sea of knowledge. This section is limited to its system of behavior change. There’s confusion over the terminology. Positive and negative are not defined morally, but are plus and minus.

Positive: to add

Negative: to remove

Reinforcement: to encourage

Punishment: to discourage

Within the quadrants of the system, there’s also Escape and Avoidance. These are  the intermediate to Advanced levels of training. Here at EDT we are extremely careful when bringing your dog through the stages.

In the simple chart above, “humane” is first priority. It’s our Nature to want things fast.

In good dog training, there’s no shortcuts.

At EDT, one of our great strengths is the balance of variables we use.

If you try to only train with treats, every command will take months and won’t even be reliable. Besides that, it can easily create behavior issues. Even aggression.

If you slap an e-collar on a dog and start blasting him, you end up with a dog with side effects, shutting down (dogs that some trainers incorrectly label “in a calm state”) or frustrated.

We begin all training with positive reinforcement. The dog must be able to perform the command on his own before we hold him accountable. We have a unique way of adding reliability to a dog very gently. We’ve invested so much time on this one facet of training. It’s because of this that you can have a well-trained dog in a relatively quick amount of time.


Don’t worry I’m not going to get all woo woo on you here. I invite you to briefly look at dogs in a Biblical perspective. They are Beasts of the earth. God’s creation. They should be respected. In the Old Testament the Lord corrected Balaam for a striking his animal. Yet in the New Testament there’s reference to kicking against the goads (pricks were used as training tools). In addition to this balance, we see a refreshing scene where a woman tells Jesus that “even the dogs eat the crumbs that fall from their master’s table” (we are not advocating to feed your dog scraps). So yes, even in the Bible they had pets and the pattern is simple enough.


We have an entire trouble shooting  system we use. It’s because of this holistic fashion that we are able to pinpoint exact causes-even confusing behaviors.

A quick example: what is normal in some dogs may not be normal for others.


We use all tools. A Halti collar may be used to gently prepare a dog for the next level. A prong collar may be used to help a fearful dog overcome something that food couldn’t achieve. An e-collar gives a dog an off leash life like no other. Etc…

If used correctly by a professional, training tools can actually give a dog more confidence. Tools can make a matter clear, in turn, give your dog security.



Exclusive Dog Training LLC  are Professional dog behaviorists and trainers. we don’t have a fancy stories of being  astronauts and leaving Mars to be on earth because of dogs.

Nope, just dog experts who have been training, handling, experimenting, or studying dogs since youth. I had an early introduction to canine aggression through the unfortunate witnessing of pitbull fighting. My passion became fueled once I was able to help people make better decisions. This meant educating them. For example, one guy abused his pitbull because she escaped from her crate and destroyed his apartment. Another guy routinely yelled at his dog for not understanding commands. Helping these people meant happier dogs.  Currently we are fortunate enough to have some of the top trainers in the country as our mentors.



We will always stay up-to-date with best and expertise pet training services and never stop learning. I won’t claim to know everything. I’ll be real with you. If I’m not 100% sure about something, I’ll present it to the dog training community that I’m a part of.